MAKE Roanoke

Establishing a Makerspace in Roanoke, VA.

You’ve found the site for MAKE Roanoke. While we aren’t a fully fledged makerspace yet, we intend on keeping a volunteer driven log of progress here.

Additionally, we hope to demonstrate what the future website might do.


Board Election Announcement

  • 2 min read

The planning committee has decided it is time to take an important step and elect our first ever MAKE Roanoke board of directors.

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Art Space Survey

  • ~1 min read

Recently we came across a survey put together by Roanoke Arts Commission, which is looking for input from the local community about a new potential Art Space facility. The potential site of the facility selected is the Riverdale Village. While MAKE Roanoke itself is not directly affiliated, we think it is a great idea and would encourage anyone interested to take the survey.

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Announcing Our Instagram Account

  • 1 min read

Roanoke, there’s a storm brewing…a storm of creativity, that is. It’s sweeping through garages, basements, and even quiet corners of cafes, stirring up dormant ideas and transforming dreams into tangibles. We call it the MAKE Roanoke, and it’s about to hit your Instagram feed full force.

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Mission Statement

  • ~1 min read

Our fledgling group put our heads together, and brainstormed a set of values. From those values, we put together the following mission statement:

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