Annual Meeting Announcement

Annual Meeting Announcement

We will be holding our first Annual Meeting at 6pm on Thursday, April 25th at Western Virginia Community College STEM Building - ST112

This meeting will be similar to our normal community the meetings (progress updates and project show and tell), but with the addition of elections for our first board of directors! Information on the elections below.


4 Candidates have declared their intent to run for the board. We will still take nominations up until the day of the meeting. We will vote Yes/No on each of the candidates, and anyone receiving at least 50% yes votes will be granted a position on the board for the term specified.

Board Candidates

Max Bareiss - Running for a 2 year term

Max Bareiss has been an active participant in MAKE Roanoke since day one. As a member of Hacksburg, he saw the need for a Roanoke area makerspace and organized the group’s first meeting. Max has significant nonprofit board experience as a board member for Hacksburg, Board President of Downtown Blacksburg, Inc (DBI), and E-Board Member and Treasurer for the Rowan University Society of Automotive Engineers. His day job is the CTO of Corvus Labs, where he has office space in Blacksburg and Roanoke, and Corvus Labs was a participant in the Roanoke-based RAMP startup accelerator program. Max aims to be an active participant in the MAKE Roanoke board by involving himself in the space selection process, acting as a Google Super Admin, and conveying best practices from Hacksburg’s ten years of operation.

Georgina Flynn-Smith - Running for a 1 year term

Georgina Flynn-Smith is a graduate student studying Biomedical Engineering at Virginia Tech. She has a Masters in Biotechnology Enterprise and Entrepreneurship from Johns Hopkins University and 12 years of leadership experience as an officer in the US Army. She loves 3D printing, cosplay, fiber arts, homebrewing, and general crafting with her husband and daughter.

Chris Santacroce - Running for a 1 year term

Chris has a lifelong passion for making and fixing things. He’s an aircraft mechanic, and an experienced hobby machinist. In addition to metal work, he enjoys modifying cars, woodwork, 3D printing, electronics, beer brewing, fiber arts… Basically anything that involves working with one’s hands.

Samuel Sullivan - Running for a 2 year term

Before moving to Roanoke, Sam had 2 years experience operating a small makerspace for a high school in the Chicago area. Sam enjoys woodworking, 3D printing, and general crafting. He’s an avid Rail Yard Dawgs fan. For his day job, Sam is a Software Engineer for the insurance industry.

Membership Dues

Reminder that to vote, you will need to begin paying dues at the reduced rate of $10/month. We encourage you to set up your recurring payments through PayPal at our “Super Secret Signup Station” on the About Page

If you prefer to pay month-to-month, please use our PayPal nonprofit page

If you select this option, be sure to check the box that says “Share my name and email with this charity” so that we can link your payment to our records.

We will also accept cash or check payments at the meeting.