Announcing Our Instagram Account

Roanoke, there’s a storm brewing…a storm of creativity, that is. It’s sweeping through garages, basements, and even quiet corners of cafes, stirring up dormant ideas and transforming dreams into tangibles. We call it the MAKE Roanoke, and it’s about to hit your Instagram feed full force.

We’re not your average workshop gurus or dusty craft club. We’re a ragtag bunch of tinkerers, builders, and dreamers who believe that everyone has a maker within, begging to break free. Our dream? MAKE Roanoke, will be a vibrant playground where 3D printers hum symphonies of innovation, laser cutters sculpt light into reality, and wood shavings dance like confetti beneath eager hands.

But it’s not just about the tools, mind you. It’s about the spark that ignites when like-minded souls collide, sharing expertise, laughter, and maybe even a few epic soldering fails along the way. We’re building a community, a family of passionate individuals who find solace in the hum of machinery and the satisfaction of seeing their brainchild come to life.

So, Roanoke, are you ready to join the revolution? Follow us on Instagram and witness the metamorphosis of ideas into inventions, dreams into projects, and strangers into a tribe of creative warriors. We’ll share workshop adventures, member spotlights, and behind-the-scenes glimpses of the magic that happens when you unleash your inner maker. Hit that follow button and let’s MAKE something new.

A little taste of the account is below: